The latest technology used allows us to identify and accurately pin point leaks in pipes, in walls either behind tiles or plaster and underground –  even under concrete slabs. Our equipment and operating procedures reduces the cost, time and the inconvenience of unnecessary digging up or chopping out concrete or tiles. We service all types of residential properties, including swimming pools, as well as the industrial and commercial sectors. We also offer pressure testing on both new and old installations.

Sercives - Acoustic leak detection


We offer the latest imported technology. Acoustic leak detection amplifies the sound of water in pipes. Using this method allows the technician to follow the flow of water and accurately pin point exactly where the leak is.

Services - Tracer Gas


Using the latest technology we are able to find the leak by pumping a tracer gas into the water line. The tracer gas used is much thinner than water so it travels through the pipes much quicker. The gas will escape through the leak and move towards the surface. The gas is then easily picked up using a gas locating sensor probe.

Service Pressure Testing

Pressure Testing

Domestic pressure testing on new and old installations.

Services - Pool Leaks


Leaking swimming pools are very expensive in many ways. Using our latest technology acoustic and gas leak detection equipment, we are able to pin point leaks in the pool piping or filtration system.